November 2016

Lead by Yeimy Braddy
Supporting: Eli Escobar
Sound: Trevor MacKinnon
Lighting: CJ Molina
DP/Camera: Keith Soucy

Wow what a fun and productive night, and a great way to kickoff Sandbox again (after a 2 year hiatus). Can’t remember the last time we laughed so much at work.
This was a great group of folks that really stepped up. It was our first night together and not everyone knew what to expect. Yeimy and Eli came with a short vignette and Tara came with a monologue.  We were ambitious and the filming took place over 4 locations. Everyone had fun, worked hard, and delivered some great performances.
Tara was incredibly patient waiting until the end for her time on camera and somewhere around midnight she blew us all away. We left at 1am with smiles on our faces and a real sense of accomplishment. Can’t wait to work with this team again!